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Machine translation

Machine translation

Machine translation is increasingly used in a wide range of companies and for an array of purposes, such as general internal translations (“basic ideas”) and high-volume translations with high repetition. Machine translation increases productivity and tightens turnaround. Cost and quality levels are adapted to the specifications of each project, from work based on large databases created prior to the text, reviewed by translators to ensure optimum publication quality, to basic and quick translations to glean the general meaning.

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The technology used for this type of translation today is based on artificial intelligence. The machine translation process combines traditional rule-based and statistical methods for the best possible results.

Machine translation is a great tool for times when a large amount of content needs to be translated very quickly. To be successful, machine translation must be industry- or client-specific and planned in advance of the necessary production steps. Do remember that our machine translation solution is not a one-size-fits-all application, it is a well-greased gear with specific features for each client. That way the quality of the result can be adapted to the needs in each case, preventing unnecessary cost overruns.



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