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Software localisation

Software localisation

Localisation is the process of adapting a product such as software, marketing texts, websites, audiovisual materials, or literature that has already been translated into another language to certain countries or regions. This process takes into account the cultural values, needs, and expectations of the target market.

Localisation is the second stage of a broader translation process and involves a thorough knowledge of the target market and culture. Recognising the differences and choosing the right words is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of any translated message. Avoiding the use of images or phrases that may be disturbing or even offensive to the target group is also important. Failure to pay attention to these details could potentially lose a market.

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If your company needs to develop software in multiple languages quickly and efficiently, the key is to get the translation right and test the adaptation and functionality of code strings, user interfaces, and help documentation. Net-Translations has the experience and know-how for the job.

To deliver the best possible results, our managers strive to create a working relationship with clients that is as friendly and professional as possible so that not only the translations or measurement, graphic design, and video parameters meet their requirements, but that the adaptation to the target culture also respects their requests, without losing view of the end user’s context.



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