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Tools and technology

Tools and technology

Translation Memory

A translation memory is a language database that continuously stores translations for use in future work.

Computer-assisted translation software helps to reuse translations you’ve already done to reduce costs and turnaround times, as well as to apply terminology correctly and consistently. More translated content means shorter translation times and reduced costs.

Net-Translations builds and manages all databases and translation memories for each client. It can also work with standard translation memories in TMX format. Any translation memory used for your projects is your property, and you can receive an updated version with each delivery if you wish.


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DTP (desktop publishing) software

InDesign, XML, Frame Maker, Quark Xpress, and HTML are just some of the basic industry formatting tools Net-Translations uses for document editing.


Net-Translations attaches the utmost importance to speed of operations and access to information. For project management, CRM, recruitment, and other key operations, Net-Translations uses the centralised management platform GESPOINT.



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